how lucky they are that they were not born today

(This is my first attempt to translate my blog concerning the surrogacy process I do with Dr. Shivani and SCI Healthcare in Delhi. sorry that I begin with this specific episode. but I write daily and now I will r have to translate all the blog for you, international clients. I use Google translate, the worst way to deliver a text from another language. But necessity comes before style, in those specific circumstances, when I am in India, without my library and my study.

Six in the morning, after barely a four hours sleep, I woke up with a strong vomiting reflex. I ran to the bathroom and took it out. I threw out the empowered, strong beer I drank last night, the peanuts salad and the spaghetti with cheese I have found lying in the fridge when I came here, and ate it yesterday…It smelled fine, it tasted fine, and I devoured it all.

I could not leave the house today, at all. I was in the bathroom, I tried having a nap because of physical weakness, and I went to the balcony to cool off, in endless circles of effort and exhaustion. In the evening I could not stand it anymore and called Ayelet, the Israeli doctor who works in Delhi.

She told me that since I have no fever and no diarrhea or mucous, it's probably a bacterial or viral disease, which will go the way it came.

"You just make sure you drink, and munch on breadsticks. Can of Coke. This will also supply liquid, sugar and salt too. If your temperature rise or if you feel intense weakness, call me up and we will take you to the hospital, inserting an IV, to prevent dehydration."

I bought a bottle of Coke and Indian breadsticks, and sat down to eat a little. It definitely gave me energy. Then I remembered the bags, soup mix, instant chicken soup of "Osem," I brought with me from Israel, as I always do when I travel. Black coffee, cigarettes, tahini, and chicken soup – these are essential items of my kit.

I made a cup of hot soup and It was great. I felt gives me strength.

But some time later I have started again with vomiting spasms. After an hour and a half of a failed attempt to digest this poor meal, I threw it up too.

I feel awful, just like the Israeli consulate told me that I would feel, when it will attack me.

"Do not be afraid," said Guy, "you will not die of it. Just suffer terribly until it passes."

And Sharon added that it feels like a birth.

Thank God I did not go through so such pain, and I hope I do not at all. But it's hard.

Well, now I feel a little better, because I threw up. I'll Try to drink some water.

I am Lucky I have prepared a health insurance. If I continue to feel bad I might call Ayelet to give me fluids.

Do not worry. 🙂

How lucky they are, that they were not born today. It could have been a terrible combination – uncontrollable bouts of vomiting with the excitement of birth.

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