Erdogan, You Dangerous Fool

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan. Photo REUTERS StringerRecep Tayyip Erdogan,
You are not only an ignorant, an insult to intellectuality, but a damn fool. You have accused Israel today – right after your daily prayers – of state terrorism and "systematic genocide" and said that Israel and Turkey will not mend ties on your watch. You have also said that “We have been witnessing this systematic genocide every Ramadan since 1948."
Actually, the truth is the opposite. The Palestinians have rejected the UN offer to split the country into two states in 1948, and started a war against Israel. Unfortunately for them, they did not win, and became refugees in Gaza and The West Bank. Since then, the Arab countries and the Palestinians tried to conquer Israel again at 1967 and 1973. Jordan and Egypt finally got off the hook and signed peace agreements with Israel. But the Palestinians refused consistently to sign a peace agreement with Israel since 1948 until this very day.
The Palestinian refusal, backed by Muslim countries such as Iran, Qatar and Turkey, perpetuated the Palestinian problem. Your support of the terrorism of Hamas in Gaza leads to mess killing of civilians. It is your words that victimize the Palestinian people. We, Israelis, are just trying to stop the missiles of Hamas to reach our homes and families.
Your zeal can not turn a lie into a truth. But it already caused violent protest of Turks in front of the Israeli embassy in Istanbul. So violent that the Israeli families had to leave Turkey immediately back to Israel.
You have made a grave mistake, Erdogan. Not only that you made yourself a fool in the eyes of any reasonable world leader, you have also totally ruined any chance of reconciliation between the Israeli people and the Turkish people, after the Marmara case.
It took you a few years to get a faint reconciliation note of our government, concerning the death of the pro-terror Turks who sailed the Marmara, trying to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. You tried hard to get all the Israeli tourists back to your country and to gain the US support again.
I do not know about The US – The secretary of state already condemned your words – but I can assure you that you have totally and completely lost the Israelis both as tourists to your country and as allies to any endeavor you had in the past.
If you thought that you have national pride, you did not know anything about Israelis. In times of war, when someone tells such blatant lies on us, especially when he compare us to the Nazi regime, he losses us all.
Maybe that's what you had in mind. I do not know. I am sure this is not what the common person in Istanbul wanted, since they have profited a lot from the Israeli tourism. And this is another reason why you are a complete fool. You will never see Israeli tourists in your country again. And you will never again get any words of condolence to the families of Turkish 'victims' of the Marmara. You will stay with you zealous allies, who know their way to the mosque, but do not know their way out of there.

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